Saturday, July 25, 2009

san diego gives in to the geek 1

Oh time, how it passes without any regard for us.

An update for Comic-con was forthcoming but since its been awhile since a post was posted and because comic-con is dripping with cool shit there will be a few updates on it. here we go!

We knock this shit out with a bang. The Alice in Wonderland teaser. Disney was quite clever in that this movie isnt ANOTHER take on the book, but a sequel of sorts. Thus cementing THEIR animated alice in wonderland as the quintessential take on the story. Clever.

the Prisoner with Ian McClellan. Anything with him is usually awesome but this looks like Lost except with A list talent and because its only running for 6 parts, it wont dick us around for years like Lost enjoys doing. Hooray!

Oh Tron. Now this gives us mixed feelings. Sure its awesome that its Tron but they decided to mix digital people and real people like we wouldnt notice? So a movie 20 years old did something cooler than this one does? Still, seeing Jeff Bridges in this just cements his place in the Pantheon of Gods. I was personally hoping for a taste of the score by Daft Punk, but I shall wait with baited breath.

anything with craig robinson is pretty damn funny, plus the idea of traveling back to the 80s.

Udon coming out with an Ultimate Street Fighter Art book. Good thing i didnt buy the last one.

Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. nomnom.


bioshock toy. Though idk how a giant fake needle constitutes a toy.

I want this IN MY HOUSE

and of course whats a convention without the giant floating pikachu. Also something i wouldnt mind in my house.


-Gary Oldman says Batman 3 will begin filming next year but given Chris Nolans current schedule it will either be without him or its not true at all, unless WB offered him literally a mint and he couldnt say no.

Fox shits all over Futurama by firing all the voice actors from Futurama in the name of cost. This would have been its own post but Fox has folded before to fan fervor (i.e. family guy brought back) so lets hope they (WE) can turn this around.

Tim Burton doing a Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp to star. Now this seems like it will be cool because the idea of taking the shows elements (werewolves, zombies, mad scientists, etc.) and create them now with todays technology and blah blah blah, PLUS it puts Burton knee deep into his goth past. Yea, this is something to look forward too. Mhmm very much so indeed.

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