Wednesday, July 8, 2009

in the news: In Memoriam

Lo' dear friends. We gather here on a dark day indeed. Bloodied and broken, Pirate Bay asked for mercy at the tip of their defamers sword, BUT TO NO AVAIL! Their time has passed and we mourn a brother in arms. (Yknow, the digital piracy arms.) They fought valiantly when foul wormtongues spewed bile upon their hallowed name and turned the ruling leige against them, They rose triumphant when thy ruling leige was discovered to be cavorting with thine enemy, and they stood tall when the enemy's power shown to be of a devils might. Now with their lands taken in by snakes looking for easy prey, they have lost the battle. Rest well, brave soldiers inside the gates of the Eternal. Where the bandwith is high, and the seeds are plentiful.

Please excuse the shitty image, but we havn't been able to find a decent version of cs4 to download now with pirate bay closing. >_<

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