Saturday, July 25, 2009

san diego gives in to the geek 1

Oh time, how it passes without any regard for us.

An update for Comic-con was forthcoming but since its been awhile since a post was posted and because comic-con is dripping with cool shit there will be a few updates on it. here we go!

We knock this shit out with a bang. The Alice in Wonderland teaser. Disney was quite clever in that this movie isnt ANOTHER take on the book, but a sequel of sorts. Thus cementing THEIR animated alice in wonderland as the quintessential take on the story. Clever.

the Prisoner with Ian McClellan. Anything with him is usually awesome but this looks like Lost except with A list talent and because its only running for 6 parts, it wont dick us around for years like Lost enjoys doing. Hooray!

Oh Tron. Now this gives us mixed feelings. Sure its awesome that its Tron but they decided to mix digital people and real people like we wouldnt notice? So a movie 20 years old did something cooler than this one does? Still, seeing Jeff Bridges in this just cements his place in the Pantheon of Gods. I was personally hoping for a taste of the score by Daft Punk, but I shall wait with baited breath.

anything with craig robinson is pretty damn funny, plus the idea of traveling back to the 80s.

Udon coming out with an Ultimate Street Fighter Art book. Good thing i didnt buy the last one.

Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. nomnom.


bioshock toy. Though idk how a giant fake needle constitutes a toy.

I want this IN MY HOUSE

and of course whats a convention without the giant floating pikachu. Also something i wouldnt mind in my house.


-Gary Oldman says Batman 3 will begin filming next year but given Chris Nolans current schedule it will either be without him or its not true at all, unless WB offered him literally a mint and he couldnt say no.

Fox shits all over Futurama by firing all the voice actors from Futurama in the name of cost. This would have been its own post but Fox has folded before to fan fervor (i.e. family guy brought back) so lets hope they (WE) can turn this around.

Tim Burton doing a Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp to star. Now this seems like it will be cool because the idea of taking the shows elements (werewolves, zombies, mad scientists, etc.) and create them now with todays technology and blah blah blah, PLUS it puts Burton knee deep into his goth past. Yea, this is something to look forward too. Mhmm very much so indeed.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Saturday July 18th, 2009

2pm - 9pm

JJGames Store
Denver, Colorado (Directions)

Nintendo World Championship
Nintendo Campus Challenge

FREE Event, Win Prizes

The Retro Game Championship is a one-night only FREE event where gamers compete to get high scores in Nintendo World Championship and Nintendo Campus Challenge. There will be prizes, a chance to play very rare games, and the opportunity to show off your retro game skills.

Prizes at Retro Game Championship

  • High Score @ World Championships: $200 Gift Card to
  • High Score @ Campus Challenge: $200 Gift Card to
  • First 20 People To Event: Free Retro Game Championship T-Shirt (See Shirt)
  • Other Prizes: World Championship or Campus Challenge Reproduction Cart

About The Games You Will Be Playing

Nintendo World Championship (On 5 TV's): A game created for a Nintendo video game competition in 1990. Players have 6 minutes to get 50 coins in Super Mario Bros, finish one lap in Rad Racer, and get a high score in Tetris. The competition was loosely based on the movie The Wizard.

Nintendo Campus Challenge (On 5 TV's): Another game created by Nintendo for competitions on college campuses in 1991. You have 6 minutes to get 25 coins in Super Mario 3, 100,000 points in Pin-Bot, and a high score in Dr. Mario. There is only one known copy of this game in existence so this might be your only chance to ever play this game (we will be playing on reproductions).

(we feel bad for posting this late. SOMEBODY thought today was the 17th.)

in the news: business as usual

So many things get reported on in politics and so many things suck our time that there's a point when you get too caught up and have to step back and just shrug your shoulders and take in the big picture. For example,

Sotomayor hearing: She's going to be confirmed, all the hearings did was show people how big of a prick certain senators are. I'm looking at you Sessions. But really, was it up to a debate before?

Palin resigned: Yes it's awesome but she sucked anyway and it won't get her to shutup.

Obama gets riled up over healthcare: So what he should be.

Republicans get busy in a church house: WOW...republicans are hypocrites about sex. Who knew?

Pat Buchanan says racist things: Pat Buchanan is a racist so that's expected.

and thats just the "big" stuff

Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson is still dead.

geek alert

Ok does this bother anyone else? Since when did the Southern Oracle start shopping at Victoria's Secret.

Its not like Im some pervert who was looking to wear nude statue-boobies on my chest, but if I had a t-shirt with Michaelangelos David on it, would he be wearing a speedo?

Monday, July 13, 2009

op ed: m. night shyamalan a racist AND a reverse racist??

We do our best to shy away from crazy fanboydom but M. Night Shyamalan is kind of lame.

Sure we loved Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense was a surprise but as we here LOVE Avatar: The Last Airbender, we are kind of scared to have him directing the film based on it.

Now we were scared to begin with. Each season will represent one movie, so how they will shove so much into one film will be arduous to say the least, but Mr. M doesn't seem to be making his job any easier with his casting.

If you've seen the show you know it takes heavily from asian themes and because of this the "cast" is drawn to be asian. The entire earth and fire nations look to be of asian descent. The water tribe like eskimos, and of course the air nomads like tibetans.

Ok so given this, who does Mr. M cast as the titular character aang?

this white kid. NOW we dont fault Mr. M for this. Aang is pretty pale and he cast a kid with crazy martial arts skills, which aang has, SO this is fine, but it doesn't stay fine. Or rather it does, fine skinned that is! Hahaha..hah..he...*cough* ok next is,

Katara, the water bender. She will be played by this girl,

Her name is Nikola Peltz and I think I saw at Forever 21 buying a Zac Efron poster.

Next up is Sokka, Katara's brother. Now because Nikola is pretty waspy, naturally they need her brother to be too.

Yep, they look like brother and sister alright...Jackson Rathbone who, unless you read TiberBeat, you have no idea who he is.

Now these two were messed up but then Mr. M, we guess, thought it wasn't white ENOUGH because then the villain, Zuko, was set to be played by this guy.

Jesse McCartney, who couldn't pull off being a villain if it was in a miley cirus video.

Was this movie to be called Aryan: The Last Airbender? Avatar: The Last Pureblood? So fervent was the outcry over this that Mr. M was forced to do some recasting, and so now Zuko will be played by this dude.

Dev Patel of Skins fame (we love skins) and slumdog millionare. Yay...??

So natrually Zuko's uncle has to be played by someone of similar nationality, hense casting of this guy,

Shaun Toub. Who is supposed to make us believe he's an elderly, chubby, asian comic relief. Hm.

Also Zuko's dad has to look the part too. So here is Cliff Curtis.

On the phone talking about how fucked up the casting is for this movie.

Finally here is Admiral Zhao, the other villain,

WOW. Aasif Mandviwala from the Daily Show...*sigh* -_-

So when M. Night isn't casting white people hes casting indian people? Indian people from the India he was born in.

So now with these "corrections" in casting, the movie will have the heroic white kids fighting the evil indians...Huh.

Everyone understands faith casting. Batman, umm Batman Returns, but there's a line. We wouldn't want to see Kevin Bacon star in the Obama biopic. If this is how this works, it's too bad John Woo wasn't pegged to direct, so this asian inspired movie could actually have some ASIANS in it.

a la mode: vimeo

The plan has formed. Vimeos consistent awesomeness is hard to argue so they will now be getting a monthly post of some of the coolest shit theyve got since well, last month?

La patère rose || PaceMaker from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

Dark Clouds - The hidden side of China's miracle economy from panos pictures on Vimeo.

Polymorphia from lionel caruana on Vimeo.

Virgile from Flying V on Vimeo.

SNOB SCRILLA - Heartbreak Scorsese from Jan Reichle on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a la mode: nakedness

We VPAR have watched many an EPIC battle unfold, and seen sides taken. Gizmodo vs Engadget, Pepsi vs Coca-Cola, Xbox 360 vs PS3, Liberals vs Conservatives, Google vs Yahoo, Godzilla vs Rodan, this blog vs Newsweek. and in the ensuing onslaught we do our best to stay neutral...most of the time...

One of those times is right now concerning the 1000 year war between Suicidegirls and GodsGirls. Two sites who dedicate themselves to bringing the world hot naked, "alternative" girls. How YOU define alternative is different than others, BUT for the sake of ease we will go by societies tired standard and say that alternative means punk, goth, tattooed rockabilly, indie chicks. OK? Feel better society?? Moving on.

In the spirit of peace (and in full defiance of our gf's tempers) we have decided that once each month, we will pick one Suicidegirl and one Godsgirl to be displayed here. To pride in BOTH their "alternative" glories. (please dont be mad gfs! >_<) first up, in alphabetical site order

Melodie has been a model for Godsgirls for a long time and still stands as one of its (if not the) best. We can't tell what we like more. Her statuesque form, her awesome tats, her cute button nose, or her love of all things japanese. We'll just say all of the above.

Next up

JaneDoe is the hottest vegan to come out of Europe, PERIOD. A cute tattoo artist who considers her body a temple and rightfully so because WE worship it! Haha! hehe...he....>_> Seriously she owns.

And there you have it. Proof that we can all get along. Except us with our girlfriends who will be feeding us our balls shortly. All in the name of peace.

in the news: In Memoriam

Lo' dear friends. We gather here on a dark day indeed. Bloodied and broken, Pirate Bay asked for mercy at the tip of their defamers sword, BUT TO NO AVAIL! Their time has passed and we mourn a brother in arms. (Yknow, the digital piracy arms.) They fought valiantly when foul wormtongues spewed bile upon their hallowed name and turned the ruling leige against them, They rose triumphant when thy ruling leige was discovered to be cavorting with thine enemy, and they stood tall when the enemy's power shown to be of a devils might. Now with their lands taken in by snakes looking for easy prey, they have lost the battle. Rest well, brave soldiers inside the gates of the Eternal. Where the bandwith is high, and the seeds are plentiful.

Please excuse the shitty image, but we havn't been able to find a decent version of cs4 to download now with pirate bay closing. >_<

in the news: An honorary member elected to the US Senate!

After 6 months of hypocritical bullshit, recounts and blah blah garbage, FINALLY an honorary VPAR has been elected to the UNITED STATES SENATE. *trumpets blaze*

Al Franken's "hey bigmouth, your full of shit and I can prove it" style has always rung deep with us and so to see that kind of attitude in the Senate is good to see. Our only concern is whether the weight of the Senates style of doing business will wear down Al, or if Franken can get a chance to do some actual good. Either way, we just hope his first CSPAN appearance on the Senate Floor will be funny. XD

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

in the news: funny little asshole shits on other peoples childhood. oh to be 13 again. *longful sigh*

What better way to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Sony's iconic Walkman than to ask a teenager for some feedback on the device?

I like to imagine that the experience was similar to an archaeologist rediscovering how a recently excavated artifact was employed thousands of years ago. But I'm well aware that it must have been different for 13-year-old Scott Campbell, who co-edits his own news Web site. For one, teenage impatience must have stood in the place where I fantasize scientific curiosity should have been.

"My dad had told me it was the iPod of its day," Campbell wrote. "He had told me it was big, but I hadn't realized he meant that big. It was the size of a small book."

Sure enough, people on the street noticed the antique clinging from his belt with amusement and friends on his school bus were quick to come up with some witty remark.

Campbell went on to criticize the portable cassette player's size, appearance, functionality and the "hissy backtrack and odd warbly noises."

Even when he discovered the cassette had more music on the other side (it took him three days), Campbell was still disappointed it could only hold a small fraction of what an iPod can.

"Did my dad ... really ever think this was a credible piece of technology?"