Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a la mode: nakedness

We VPAR have watched many an EPIC battle unfold, and seen sides taken. Gizmodo vs Engadget, Pepsi vs Coca-Cola, Xbox 360 vs PS3, Liberals vs Conservatives, Google vs Yahoo, Godzilla vs Rodan, this blog vs Newsweek. and in the ensuing onslaught we do our best to stay neutral...most of the time...

One of those times is right now concerning the 1000 year war between Suicidegirls and GodsGirls. Two sites who dedicate themselves to bringing the world hot naked, "alternative" girls. How YOU define alternative is different than others, BUT for the sake of ease we will go by societies tired standard and say that alternative means punk, goth, tattooed rockabilly, indie chicks. OK? Feel better society?? Moving on.

In the spirit of peace (and in full defiance of our gf's tempers) we have decided that once each month, we will pick one Suicidegirl and one Godsgirl to be displayed here. To pride in BOTH their "alternative" glories. (please dont be mad gfs! >_<) first up, in alphabetical site order

Melodie has been a model for Godsgirls for a long time and still stands as one of its (if not the) best. We can't tell what we like more. Her statuesque form, her awesome tats, her cute button nose, or her love of all things japanese. We'll just say all of the above.

Next up

JaneDoe is the hottest vegan to come out of Europe, PERIOD. A cute tattoo artist who considers her body a temple and rightfully so because WE worship it! Haha! hehe...he....>_> Seriously she owns.

And there you have it. Proof that we can all get along. Except us with our girlfriends who will be feeding us our balls shortly. All in the name of peace.

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