Saturday, July 18, 2009

in the news: business as usual

So many things get reported on in politics and so many things suck our time that there's a point when you get too caught up and have to step back and just shrug your shoulders and take in the big picture. For example,

Sotomayor hearing: She's going to be confirmed, all the hearings did was show people how big of a prick certain senators are. I'm looking at you Sessions. But really, was it up to a debate before?

Palin resigned: Yes it's awesome but she sucked anyway and it won't get her to shutup.

Obama gets riled up over healthcare: So what he should be.

Republicans get busy in a church house: WOW...republicans are hypocrites about sex. Who knew?

Pat Buchanan says racist things: Pat Buchanan is a racist so that's expected.

and thats just the "big" stuff

Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson is still dead.

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