Monday, July 13, 2009

op ed: m. night shyamalan a racist AND a reverse racist??

We do our best to shy away from crazy fanboydom but M. Night Shyamalan is kind of lame.

Sure we loved Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense was a surprise but as we here LOVE Avatar: The Last Airbender, we are kind of scared to have him directing the film based on it.

Now we were scared to begin with. Each season will represent one movie, so how they will shove so much into one film will be arduous to say the least, but Mr. M doesn't seem to be making his job any easier with his casting.

If you've seen the show you know it takes heavily from asian themes and because of this the "cast" is drawn to be asian. The entire earth and fire nations look to be of asian descent. The water tribe like eskimos, and of course the air nomads like tibetans.

Ok so given this, who does Mr. M cast as the titular character aang?

this white kid. NOW we dont fault Mr. M for this. Aang is pretty pale and he cast a kid with crazy martial arts skills, which aang has, SO this is fine, but it doesn't stay fine. Or rather it does, fine skinned that is! Hahaha..hah..he...*cough* ok next is,

Katara, the water bender. She will be played by this girl,

Her name is Nikola Peltz and I think I saw at Forever 21 buying a Zac Efron poster.

Next up is Sokka, Katara's brother. Now because Nikola is pretty waspy, naturally they need her brother to be too.

Yep, they look like brother and sister alright...Jackson Rathbone who, unless you read TiberBeat, you have no idea who he is.

Now these two were messed up but then Mr. M, we guess, thought it wasn't white ENOUGH because then the villain, Zuko, was set to be played by this guy.

Jesse McCartney, who couldn't pull off being a villain if it was in a miley cirus video.

Was this movie to be called Aryan: The Last Airbender? Avatar: The Last Pureblood? So fervent was the outcry over this that Mr. M was forced to do some recasting, and so now Zuko will be played by this dude.

Dev Patel of Skins fame (we love skins) and slumdog millionare. Yay...??

So natrually Zuko's uncle has to be played by someone of similar nationality, hense casting of this guy,

Shaun Toub. Who is supposed to make us believe he's an elderly, chubby, asian comic relief. Hm.

Also Zuko's dad has to look the part too. So here is Cliff Curtis.

On the phone talking about how fucked up the casting is for this movie.

Finally here is Admiral Zhao, the other villain,

WOW. Aasif Mandviwala from the Daily Show...*sigh* -_-

So when M. Night isn't casting white people hes casting indian people? Indian people from the India he was born in.

So now with these "corrections" in casting, the movie will have the heroic white kids fighting the evil indians...Huh.

Everyone understands faith casting. Batman, umm Batman Returns, but there's a line. We wouldn't want to see Kevin Bacon star in the Obama biopic. If this is how this works, it's too bad John Woo wasn't pegged to direct, so this asian inspired movie could actually have some ASIANS in it.

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