Saturday, August 8, 2009

san diego gives into the geek 2

THEN there are the rest of the cosplayers, who are so many in number, they needed their own post...

this just looks like it smells.

"more pie mr. j?"

when moms cosplay

no one can ever say that SDCC isn't transgender friendly.

everyone knows the most potent of scarlet witch's magic is in her cellulite.

beware the mighty power of captain beergut!

Pope Tully of the High Church of Pot and Cheetos.

heres Ben stiller cosplaying as the joker


"arrgh matey! i be cap'n diabeetes!"

"ola senor. Me amo' superman. I save ju, den we make a party."

this guy scares me...

when one creepy fetish isnt enough, you get jedi furries...

"if ya dont luv Amirika king koopa, then git' aaooutt!!"

"sup...see my like it dont you..."

The ghostbusters now offer a community college course.

"hey mista mista! i save you now! i nightawing! i hero long time!"

"no listen to him! i nightawing! me beat climinals! prus 5 dorra off house chickin! i save you now!"

"HEEEEY. pokemon bitches!"

"hi im bryan..if you like i give deep tissue massages in my room. hope to see you there sweetie..."

"we can get that ghost..but first, first take off your shirt..."

this guy has two costumes. hes cosplaying as Hans from the Burbs, cosplaying as wolverine.

"hi im stan, and this is cheryl, and on the weekends we like to relax and costume play"

the dharma intiative now offers work release...

"rrrgm..come on take the pic! ICANTKEEPITSUCKEDIN!"

when you cant get prescription goggles


this was actually just a homeless dude who wandered in.

"and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'save us!' and ill whisper, 'tacos..' "


the most essential tool for a steampunk vampire hunter is a cellphone.

when your gut fat doesnt match your height, you get shirts that are sleeve heavy.

cosplay circa 1943.

never seen anyone cosplay Sisqo before...

this guy is DYING for someone to ask him whats under there

"for all your cosplay needs, shop walmart"


"sup mothafucka. I be pro-teckin america n' shit."

and finally, Heres some people cosplaying as Indiana Jones, aaand morrocan hookers Indiana Jones picked up...

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