Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I cant even think of what to put here

Alot of people will be saying the usual one liners and phrases about Ted Kennedy that have been said about him since he got sick. That hes a Liberal Lion, that his passing marks the end of a Dynasty, and so on. Which one suits the situation best, who knows. All that makes the most sense to say here is that it's tragic, and Ted Kennedy never getting to vote on Healthcare is a testament to the kind of feet dragging that is the norm in D.C.

Since he was diagnosed with his brain tumor he made it clear nothing would stop him from voting on healthcare reform because he knew President Obama would make it happen. Well since then we've seen what a solid blue majority can do and no doubt Ted Kennedy was in his hospital bed fuming at all the crap that has gone on recently.

We can go on about his record, and quote his colleagues, and go over his career, but what stands out most was his ability to stand tall and proud no matter what. He fought hard for liberal causes, never letting anyone make it a dirty word in his eyes, never backing down to the powers that be who tried to undermine what he truly believed in. That's why he was called a Lion, because he roared loudly and defiantly in the name of the common man.

In these crazy times of meandering, middling, and doddering, the loss of Ted Kennedy hurts just that much more.

Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy
(February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009)

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