Monday, August 10, 2009

a la mode: hotness

It's that time of the month again, when men want to leave their women and the women don't mind because they want to start dating other women. Yes It's time for the Suicidegirl and Godsgirl of the month! Hooray!

Now its been asked, "Why do it every month? Doesn't that dilude the prestige of the award?" To which we say, "Hey...shutup..." Then we say, "Because there are hundreds of Godsgirls, and thousands of Suicidegirls, and awarding 12 a year just illuminates their awesomeness to the next echelon. Because we must be diligent when working to bring together rival factions if we hope to see peace in our lifetimes. So...shutup again." Ok lets do this!

If it was just her sparkley eyes, or smile that can light up a major city, Colada would have made the cut. Though she has much more to offer than that. The girl is drop dead gorgeous and cool as hell. We constantly ask why she isn't the face of Suicidegirls, because if she was the sites membership would triple overnight.

If ever a girl defined the words sultry, it's Larya. Whether its Godsgirls, or Onhercam, (where she will literally open your mind to the secrets of the universe) expect to have your jaw on the floor the the entire time. Sexy never knew what it was in for with her.

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