Friday, June 12, 2009

op-ed: Attack of Sarah Palin 2: Daughter of Palin. Now in Cinemascope!

David Letterman isn't having a good week. For now were going to skip the Top 10 list he did about Sarah Palin, as that doesn't seem to be causing the him the biggest problem. Maybe because her makeup DOES make her look like a slutty flight attendant.

We will instead focus on the complete bullshit surrounding Letterman's monologue concerning Sarah Palins trip to New York and her daughter.

Letterman joked that during the 7th inning Sarah Palins daughter Bristol was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez. WHAM! Double zinger! One, at Alex Rodriguez because hes quite popular with the ladies, and Two, at Sarah Palins daughter Bristol because she has a tendency to have babies.

Sarah Palin then got "upset" and spoke out, causing the first real waste of time news story this year. Apparently it was one of Sarah Palins other 17 daughters who went to the game with her, the 14 year old Willow, not the one who actually had the baby, 18 year old Bristol.

"Did Letterman know it was Willow and not Bristol and thus make a joke about a grown man having sex with a 14 year old girl and because a 14 year old girl wouldn't want to have sex with a grown man, naturally the grown man would have to rape the young girl to get the sex he wants and so Letterman, in his joke supports men raping young girls?"

No of course not you fucking idiot. That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Who would believe that stupid crap?


Sarah Palin has since made a "rare" statement and addressed the "incident", calling the joke, "sexually perverted" and "degrading" and not only stated people should rise up and not accept this, (jokes in general? or just jokes about her knocked up daughter?) but she ALSO blamed the joke for a reason why girls have such low self-esteem in America. Funny because alot of people think seeing a woman nominated to the office of vice president, only to completely blow it by lying and winking and saying stupid bullshit would lower a young girls self esteem more. BUT WHO KNOWS.

Jokes come from somewhere. Comedians don't make jokes about Bill Clinton liking women because in reality he took a vow of abstinence. That wouldn't make sense and wouldn't be funny. Nor do they make jokes about George W. Bush being dumb because in reality hes a Rhodes Scholar. So naturally Letterman made a joke about Sarah Palins daughter getting knocked up BECAUSE SARAH PALINS DAUGHTER GOT KNOCKED UP.

And of COURSE he meant Bristol. WHO CARES what daughter actually went to the game. Bristol is the highest profile Palin kid. That's why the joke didn't have a name AND why people laughed. BECAUSE people connect the dots themselves. "hahaha that Palin kid got knocked up, remember." Its reeeeeaaaaallly that simple and that obvious and anyone who says otherwise is either dumb as rocks or is intentionally lying in order to make hay where none exists.

Given Sarah Palins track record, it could be either/or. -_-

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