Tuesday, June 2, 2009


While thumbing through the catalog of ideas from my childhood they should ruin, Disney has stopped at the cult favorite Flight of the Navigator. If they replace Paul Reubens with someone like Robin Williams as the voice of the lovable mechanical alien, or they zach efron plays David, blood will be spilled.

Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs, Arrested Development) is writing the remake of the alien and boy family flick. The movie, which didn't really find its audience until it was released on VHS, is about a young boy who syncs up with an shiny UFO, with a liquid staircase.

Because of his connection to the UFO, the young lad gets transported into the future and evil government scientists pick him up for "experiments." Together robot alien and boy escape, and try to find a way back home, to the past.

It's almost as if major studios have simply given up on trying to come up with new ideas.

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