Thursday, May 28, 2009

nothing gold can stay

Its the last days of springtime and as we head into summer one thing remains constant. THE NEW FALL LINES ARE DEBUTED! XD

Though their name leaves something to be desired, Acne knows clothes. Here is an outfit from their new Pop Classics collection due out this fall. I know the photo says its their Lanvin collab but its mislabeled.

Not to be outdone, Mishka NYC has debuted their new fall line and though it follows their usual color patterns that 2nd shirt from the right is badass.

CassettePlaya's fall line Believe in Flesh + Metal is a throwback and alot less colorful than previous lines which works for it.

Lastly this one isnt so much a fall line as it is just badass. Raf Simons is collabing with Fred Perry to mark their 100th Anniversary and is debuting a "collection" (though really just a specific outfit) once worn by Fred Perry himself in 1947. The shoes alone are worth it, but I assure all members that THIS is what I'll be wearing to the annual summit this year.

Yes there are literally thousands of other lines but only these are of interest so if something was forgotten that you feel just has to be mentioned, hit that little pencil icon down there and do something about it. Tally-ho and so on.

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