Friday, May 29, 2009

comcast hopes your rich and stupid

In the past members of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers have done our best to keep you abreast of all the bullshit Comcast has tried to pull.

When Comcast began blocking customers for using torrents and p2p networks,

when Comcast outwardly lied about doing the blocking,

when Comcast stated it would move to charging customers for how much they download (including any streaming media making your xbox360 even MORE expensive),

when Comcast came out against Net Neutrality,

When Comcast HIRED people to sit in on the Stanford FCC hearings to make it look like no one really cared about net neutrality.

When Comcast proved their creepy internet stalking techniques by addressing a customer directly for complaining about comcast in his fucking BLOG

When Comcast began deliberately slowing down heavy users speed and placing invisible data caps on their supposed "unlimited internet"

When Comcast pretended to become friends with Bittorrent just so they could impose more limits on "heavy users"

We informed you of all of it. Well here we are again. No sooner are we in our new home, than one the greatest villains of all time rear their ugly, 3-tiered, hellhound heads.

A news story has come out that Comcast will be offering a new, 100mbps service sometime in the future. Currently Comcast offers a 50mbps service that runs around 190 bucks a month, meaning logically the new service at double the speed will cost a whole lot more.

"WOW!" says the layman consumer, "Thats alot isnt it? I can download oodles more stuff with that kinda speed! Boy howdy I can't wait to get that!"
But wait, ignorant shopper! You forget that no matter what speed you pay for, Comcast loves to slow down or even block the traffic of heavy users. So you may THINK that because you have a 100mbps connection you can now download the entire 50gb series of The Sopranos in a matter of minutes, that much traffic will get your connection slowed down or interrupted.

So basically what Comcast is now offering is to take your 200 and something dollars and for that money they will let you think your getting a super fast speed, but in reality your just paying to have them slow or end your internet service. Its called a double-edged sword, but most importantly its called ANOTHER reason why Comcast sucks it haaaaaarrrd.

Tally-ho! and what-not.

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