Wednesday, May 27, 2009

blah blah blah: an op-ed.


Its bad enough that the state is broke off its ass. And its not like "hold out until your next paycheck" broke. It's "move back home and get a new number so creditors can't find you" broke. The state is just under 25 BILLION dollars in the hole and every attempt to get that money from someplace is fought off by some legislator or some state senator or some local mayor and so the problem just isn't getting fixed. Now how did this problem come about? Well the easy answer is you. The people of California. The state has always been a lover of ballot initiatives. It CREAMS over them. Each year the ballot is dripping with them by the dozens sometimes and most are so convoluted and packed with hidden shit that new ballot initiatives are put on the ballot to negate previous ballot initiatives. Sometimes in the same goddamn election! So many times commercials have run, or flyers gone out saying, "Vote No on 1A, Yes on 1B, Yes on 2C, No on 3X, Half fill in the No box for 4E, and Don't vote at all for 5W...for a better California."

Now the average voter in California votes for two things on average. Lower my taxes and give me more shit. And finally after decades of this and the state hanging by a thread doing it, it took a national financial crisis to send the poorly built state budget in a tailspin straight into the shitter. Now that alone should make all Californians embarrassed, that your state now is worth less than Louisiana.

But "NO" said California. "We have yet to embarrass ourselves!" In such a crisis you would think the state would try to find new ways to earn some money, like ooooh saaaay for example, MARRIAGE LICENSES. "Oh No." says California. "We must stick to our values and even if it breaks us, we shall not waiver!" And so it goes, as today The California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8 for no other reason than, "We think the majority has the right to fuck up the state as much as it likes." So the supposed "Progressive State" has now been surpassed in this area by Iowa. Yes you read that right, I typed IOWA.

Embarrassed doesn't begiiin to describe the self loathing all Californians and its elected representatives should feel. The state is broke, homophobic, and will ineptly try to fix the problem the same way it broke it, with MORE BALLOT INITIATIVES.

Given these new events the Vice Presidential Action Rangers will be moving its headquarters to a new facility located in Micronesia. A snorkel will now come with every new membership.

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