Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dream a little dream

I had a dream I took some friends to a goth club to show them whats up. As soon as we walk in, I'm telling them about it all and then I stop and look over my shoulder, as if I hear something familiar. I become drawn to something, and ask my friends if they hear it too but they state they just hear the music. As I tread deeper into the club I begin to speak less. My friends call to me but I can't hear them and I become catatonic as I now begin to float through the room, my tiptoes dragging along the dance floor. Bodies thrust and shake as Bauhaus blares around me and lights flicker to the music. I seem to be moving towards a large chair atop a pillar of sinewy black vine. Around it are three sirens of different subculture calling to me. I rise in the air and am placed among them and as I do, I change. My irises become as dark as my pupils, the l.a. sun tan melts from my skin leaving me provocatively pale, and my funny aqua shirt, and neon shoes turn black. My friends look on in shock and as I seem to come out of it, I look on them, and grin. My perspective changed from my point of view to third person, but when I grin I do so Its at this point I wake up with a dry mouth and as I get a glass of water I think about my dream, and I LIKED it. >=)

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