Sunday, February 5, 2012

Apple keeps doing what it does best. Murdering People.

Once again old news is new news. For about 5 years we Action Rangers have been doing our best to make light of Apples and Foxconn's offenses. The awful conditions, the long hours, the abuses, the death by poison, overworking, EXPLOSIONS, and suicide. We told you about how each time Apple said the SAME GODDAMN THING EVERY TIME! They act shocked and appalled and deny it and say they'll fix it. THEN it happens again and they say it all again and no one seems to want to put two and two together! This time 60 minutes and the New York Times noticed it and it got some national press, THEN within a week its now old news again. Huffington Post has already begun running their Juicy Apple Rumors story again like nothing happened. We in our anger emailed that "reporter" on his assfacedness.

Hello, I was just perusing the Tech section of the Huffington Post and I was appalled at how all the stories concerning Foxconn are gone, and we are back to business as usual with Apple Rumors again. Whats the point of news if it doesn't effect change? What good are you as a reporter if you ignore the reality of what your colleagues report on? Apple has committed serious offenses but hey, lets move it aside because there might be an iPad 3! It's a known fact now that when Apple launches a new product, the months before it launches, those workers are pushed to the brink of death to get it out "in time". (I put in time in quotes because such time frames are only set by apple to ensure they make as much as possible each quarter, regardless of who it seems to hurt.) Yet none of that is touched on in your little rumors story. Those people, who would rather die than suffer another grueling day of life building iCrap, can't even get a mention in your story. Even though their suffering seems too tragic to ignore, you seem to be doing your best to do just that. And for what? The excitement of a RUMOR? Please be better at your job because responsible news is falling by the wayside.

In response Apple has released a listing of its charitable donations, totalling 50 million dollars! WOW. If only they'd use that to offset the "cost" of treating chinese workers fairly. Or GOD FORBID they spend another 50 million from their 100 billion profit margin to do both! Fucking cocksuckers.

Linked below is the NYT story. Read it and don't be like huffpo. Remember, especially when you go shopping.

Apple products as bad as blood diamonds.

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