Monday, April 26, 2010

Beauty like nothing on earth

The VPAR has been on vacation as of late, and while traversing space and time we came across this. The Hubble Telescope decided to celebrate its own 20th Birthday with a photo of what is now called the Carina Nebula.

Our shock comes from the fact that something so gorgeous can exist. We asked each other could it really be real? As its vivid colors look like something a digital artist would whip up with CS4, but no dear Rangers, this is absolutely genuine.

So Whats a Nebula you ask? Well its basically the name for a cloud in space made up of dust, different gases and plasma. What makes nebulas special is that they are the birthplace of stars. They can be so because they are huge, and the Carina Nebula is 3 LIGHT YEARS TALL. Expect this gorgeous dream of color and creation to effectively retire the Eagle Nebula from the many posters, t-shirts and geek tailored products it adorned.

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