Thursday, March 25, 2010

great now we gotta defend home wreckers. THANKS regular press.

Yknow we VPAR try to be as fair as possible and believe that truth stands above all things. So when we see national "news" outlets all run the same bogus story over and over, we get just a little pissed. YES Michelle Bombshell is a homewrecker and kind of sleazy for sleeping with a married man, but she is not a Nazi. How are we so sure of this?
Our crack team of investigative journalists tracked down some information that proves this very statement. It just so happens one of our members is friends with a model who took a similar picture with the same photographer. So when the story broke and everyone flipped the fucked out, especially being that its like, a 2 year old photo. and THEN no one bothered to correct the callous charges because apparently, Jesse James cheating with a Nazi is a "better" headline than if he just cheated with a tatted up alt model. Well you can say that member got pissed, because when truth is stamped out for the sake of headlines, we are all fucked.

The photographer whose idea was the Nazi pinups was Robert Alvarado and knowing his photos might cause a stir when he took them YEARS ago, he made this statement:

"This is not an apology, it is a preface.

Please note that I do not seek to glorify war or the actions of the political leaders of the Third Reich. War is a terrible loss for both friend and foe as many survivors will attest.
Growing up right after WWII, I was drawn to the imagery of Third Reich. The images they used, Iron Cross, Swastika and colors made them appealing to me in a graphic way. Sooooo... one of my projects was to see what I could do with those images and colors in a pin-up way. I have talked to a few friends (Jewish also) and everyone has encouraged me in this project. All I really wanted to do was to incorporate those images into my pinup art and see what happened. What am I trying to say... Just what it would be as if the Nazi's did Pin-Up, and sometimes more. And please... I am not a racist. Pushing it a little... yes, hopefully not too much. This is about Art. I mean no harm to anyone. I also realize that some of you are unable to get past the swastika and what it represented. I would just ask that you please try and view this in an artistic way

Again... this is about Art.

Robert Alvarado"

Here are some of Mr. Alvarado's pics in question.

So are all these models Nazis too???

I wonder if any actual nazis got mad at Alvarado for the picture of the nazi girl being taken hostage by the other girl, becauuuuse it could represent them as not being powerful? Beholden to their enemies in WW2? Supporters of lesbianism? OH! or maybe it doesn't mean SHIT.

Since the bogus accusations broke, Mr. Alvarado has stayed quiet on the subject, no doubt because A) he doesn't want any flack and B) Michelle Bombshell tried to throw him under the bus already in an attempt to save face. Though a stupid decision, who can blame her? Everyone is calling her a NAZI.

In closing we are not going to argue whether or not the WP on her legs means white power or wet pussy because we CAN'T verify that, and we aren't going to discuss her facebook as once saying she liked mein kamph as we'd be surprised if she read AT ALL and that given her book list, she's very much about the extreme "image" of a tattoo model. Our point here today was about the photos used to pigeon-hole our perception for no other reason than greedy info-tainment. So remember that before you vilify a person, first pay attention to if what they are being vilified for is actually true because a mob mentality is a sad and stupid thing. Just ask the tea-baggers.

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